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Fórum para a preservação e divulgação do áudio analógico, e não só...
Fórum para a preservação e divulgação do áudio analógico, e não só...



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MASTERING VINYL By Gino Robair Empty
MensagemAssunto: MASTERING VINYL By Gino Robair   MASTERING VINYL By Gino Robair EmptyTer Maio 27 2014, 23:23

By Gino Robair

Nearly a quarter century after the CD was introduced, and kept alive in large part by club-based music, vinyl records are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. (Time magazine reported in January that record sales were up 15.4 percent in 2007.)

Musicians in nearly every musical genre are pressing records again, not only because they believe the sound quality is superior to that of digital audio (and especially data-compressed formats), but because of the large graphics and collectibility, which help these products stand out in the crowd of new releases. The latest trend is to offer a free downloadable version of the record with the purchase of the LP; this makes the release more attractive to members of the iPod generation who want instant gratification as well as something collectible.

However, simply pressing an LP or a 7-inch from your CD master does not guarantee the best results that vinyl has to offer. Often a number of decisions, and even some compromises, have to be made to get a great-sounding record.

continua aqui -> http://www.emusician.com/techniques/0768/mastering-vinyl/134677

Não sei se alguém já tinha apontado para este artigo; ainda não o li todo mas parece interessante.

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