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Áudio Analógico de Portugal
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Fórum para a preservação e divulgação do áudio analógico, e não só...
Fórum para a preservação e divulgação do áudio analógico, e não só...


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António José da Silva
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António José da Silva

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MensagemAssunto: Tal e qual...   Tal e qual... EmptyQua Maio 07 2014, 03:22

E não é que é tal e qual o que vivi aquando da aquisição do meu primeiro leitor de CD? E o resto da narração também é maioritariamente coincidente.

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Or that's what I wished for. A few minutes into listening to my first CD, my heart sank. It certainly sounded different—but not dramatically better than an LP. I was confused.

Maybe it comes down to this: Making gear that's more accurate and/or measures better isn't the same as making better-sounding gear. Today's best gear can play louder, with lower distortion, and has wider bandwidth than the best of yesteryear's "Recommended Components." That's true, but a hi-rez file of a new recording can't match the bloody realism of a 1960 RCA Living Stereo LP played through a well-set-up turntable, 1980s-era electronics, and a pair of Quad ESL or Klipschorn speakers.

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Sure Vinyl may not possess the ruler flat frequency response that digital has, but it is not in the frequency domain that vinyl excels: it is the time domain.

Vinyl is a great source because its impulse response is excellent, the movement of the needle creates a near instantaneous electrical signal. This is what many hear as real dynamics!

Even the best digital is lousy in the time domain; not to pick on just one but the NAD M51 DAC that was recently reviewed and raved about in this magazine rang like a bell for a milisecond before and after a single impulse signal was passed through it. This is due to the oversampling which is a form of digital feedback


Digital Audio - Like Reassembling A Cow From Mince  Tal e qual... 6xxboo

If what I'm hearing is colouration, then bring on the whole rainbow...

The essential thing is not knowledge, but character.
Joseph Le Conte
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