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Fórum para a preservação e divulgação do áudio analógico, e não só...
Fórum para a preservação e divulgação do áudio analógico, e não só...


 Anti-record - Boyd Rice - Pagan Muzak

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Data de inscrição : 17/05/2016
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Anti-record - Boyd Rice - Pagan Muzak Empty
MensagemAssunto: Anti-record - Boyd Rice - Pagan Muzak   Anti-record - Boyd Rice - Pagan Muzak EmptySab Maio 28 2016, 12:24

Gostava de guardar uma rodela destas. Inaudível, mas curiosa.

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An anti-record is a musical vinyl record which has been treated (melted, drilled, painted, etc.) so that it becomes a noise record.[citation needed] While this term was first used by LAYLAH Records on conventional vinyl releases by Current 93, Nurse With Wound and others, Ron Lessard of RRRecords applied the term to a series of physically altered records released by RRR in 1988. Anti-records can also be records featuring strange configurations or pressing,[citation needed] such as extra or unusually sized holes,[citation needed] locked grooves, and parallel grooves.[citation needed] One notable noise anti-record was Pagan Muzak, created by noise artist Boyd Rice, which contained locked grooves as well as multiple center holes. RRRecords also published a record containing 500 locked grooves by various artists.

Anti-record - Boyd Rice - Pagan Muzak Pagan_muzak_2

Anti-record - Boyd Rice - Pagan Muzak Pagan_muzak

Housed in a 12" cover advertising the release as a "Stereo LP". Contains 17 locked grooves. Multi-axial: copies have a second (offset) axis hole drilled in the centre by Boyd Rice.

"Playable at any speed. Maximum volume suggested."
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Anti-record - Boyd Rice - Pagan Muzak
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