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 Great value power amp

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MensagemAssunto: Great value power amp   Ter Mar 04 2014, 08:13

Great sound and value offer the ICEAmp series which is sold by german company Quint Audio.
There are 4 different models available from  50W stereo up to 420 W mono, as kit or ready assembled.
I have the tried the ICEAmp 3, which has 2x125W 4 Ohm and costs 319 € as kit. (Ready assembled 429 €).

The amp is based on the famous Class D ICE modules from B&O which are normally only available as OEM products. ICE modules are used for example in ME Geithains famous active 800 series monitors.

I don't want to make many words, buth the sound of this little beast is almost unbelievable. Controlled, relaxed and smooth but resolving the finest detail. It offers rhythm, plenty attack and a big, ultrastable soundstage.
They are not good for the money, they are good and can please even listeners which prefer normally valve amplifiers.

The only downside for me is, that this Amp should be paired with a active preamp of the same high quality!

Here are some details:

Pricelist (german only): http://quint-audio.com/qaudio/files/preisliste_iceamp_1-4.pdf
Data Sheet (german only): http://quint-audio.com/qaudio/files/iceamp_2.pdf
A photo from the Quint web site:

The assembling of the amps is not very complicated, but require a litte experience in electronics. The internal wiring is crimped, and the crimping of the thin signal wires was (for me) a PITA, so I resoldered the bonds as a precaution.
Next time I would ask for ready crimped cables...

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Great value power amp   Ter Mar 04 2014, 12:07

Thanks for sharing!! ...

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António José da Silva
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António José da Silva

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MensagemAssunto: Re: Great value power amp   Ter Mar 04 2014, 14:12

Great sound for small money, are always welcome news.   

Digital Audio - Like Reassembling A Cow From Mince  

If what I'm hearing is colouration, then bring on the whole rainbow...

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Joseph Le Conte
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Great value power amp   

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Great value power amp
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